Welcome to My Wooffsite

My name is Onyx and i am told I am a Golden lab retriever what ever that means.

I live with my pack leader/dad who likes to call himself badger. I have no idea why.


I want to tell everybody about what i do and what fun things I get up to so he is helping with this. My paws are not good on the keys.

Soon though I hope we can put lots of things about me here and what I do.


My pack leader likes to play a fun game with me. When ever we go out, I have a thing on my back with a thing he holds. He tends to walk in to things if I don't play the game propperly but I Like playing the game and I am very good at it. Guide dog I think was what I heard people call me but I'm not sure what that means.


I just like to play the game and go to interesting places while I stop my master doing silly things like walking in to those big sticky up things that shine at night, or falling off things, or walking in to those big smelly things people put out some times. Those are my favorite game. I love weaving through those.


Check back soon and you can learn much more about what I do and the adventures i get in to.




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